Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10. The Lady

I saw a lady in her mid 30s the other day. This lady attracted my attention because she was pushing a heavy load of cardboards with two little kids no older than 5 years old tagging along. On top of that, she was carrying a baby in front of her strapped to her with a piece of cloth. It was such a sight that I cannot ignore.

I sincerely salute her for her strength and courage in making the most out of her life. She worked hard in order to survive in the city with 3 young children to care for. She could have an easy way out by just sitting by the roadside and beg. I’m sure generous Malaysians would have taken pity on her. But indeed she didn’t.

And it kept me wondering what I would do if I was put to test by the Creator to go through the same situation…. Maybe I would just sit and beg and hope that people will take pity of me… many times we complain over small problems… We complain that the food does not taste good. We complain that the weather is too hot or too cold. We complain that the internet connection is too slow. And the list definitely goes on…. Can’t we be thankful for everything that we have? At least we have food to fill our stomachs. At least our senses are still working to feel the weather. At least we have laptops to go online. We humans tend to view things on the negative side…can’t we try our best to think on the better side the next time we want to complain on anything…

This lady might have complained about her life a million times. But I guess she realised the fact that life still goes on no matter how much she complains. She has to make the changes for herself and the children. And so it is also up to us to make changes in our lives instead of just sitting there complaining and hope that the changes will happen overnight by itself..


  1. sweet. true enough what you have said.
    but it is also true that to be thankful is not easy. it is not easy to be thankful for the very littlest things that happen in life cause we have set our minds in a way that "aren't these things normal? aren't we supposed to have food everyday ready on the dining table? aren't we supposed to eat everytime we're hungry? to complain everytime something's not right?" its funny. huh...how when things are on a high...when we see things that provoke us or spark a sudden reminder in us, it is easy to stop, look back and start to repent. yet...as time goes by...as humans...we forget till we are reminded again...

  2. hahah..i guess human are very forgetful and need constant reminders all the time..but yeah it sure is difficult to be thankful for everything unless u take the time to really analyse evrything before complaining..but wer can human find so much of time to do that rite..hehe