Thursday, October 18, 2018

151. marrying my bestest friend!

how fast time flies. it's been 2 years since my last post and so many things have happened.  

we bought a house,
he proposed, 
we got engaged, 
we signed our marriage certificate,
we failed our transfer application,
we planned our wedding 

and now we're EXCITEDLY counting down the days to 
say our vows in front of family and friends!

we have been through many ups and downs together as a couple and it has only made us realised how much stronger we are as a team. we learnt so much from this relationship..

we learnt to
accept each others strength and weaknesses,
be patient,
be forgiving,
be loving,
be supportive,
be gentle,
be respectful,
be honest,
be humble,
be understanding 
and most importantly
never give up on each other 💏

we have seen each other at our worst and our best and we still chose to love and accept and laugh about it after that. we have seen each other grow and change into a better person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. it's been a wonderful journey going through uncharted territories with this man who has taught me so much. 

throughout the 3 years of being together, we have been through a lot of uncertainties. the main concern is where we will settle down. we thought it was in Taiping but we realised that it may not be after so many failed attempts for a transfer. i could not describe the disappointment and anxiousness that we felt. we were clueless as to what He wants for us. we were anxious about it but we finally  made peace with the result knowing that wherever He sends us will be the place perfect for us to start our small family there. and by surrendering everything to Him was the best choice ever. we finally get to enjoy His peace and joy in our daily lives. 

the result of another transfer will be coming out again next month and that would determine where we will settle down for at least the next 6 months. it may or may not be what we want but we chose to be obedient and to follow His leading knowing very well that He will be where He leads us to cause we wouldn't want to be anywhere without His presence. most importantly we will be together putting an end to our long distance relationship. nonetheless this LDR has taught us to communicate better even though at times it sucks big time 😒

darling, let's continue to lovingly walk through the valleys supporting each other as well as enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain tops. i'm so thankful and blessed to be able to walk with you in the present and in the future and to marry my bestest friend in another 44 days!!! you are definitely worth the wait!!