Wednesday, September 23, 2009

18. surprised farewell

It has been a really busy and hectic day for me but it was worth it=)

At first I thought I was only meeting up with a very close friend, g…we went around taking our own sweet time hanging around the ‘mall’….i really felt suspicious when you told your “friend” that I was buying shoes but it never occur to me at all that you were all trying to throw me a surprise farewell..hehe..thanks so much you guys…and I didn’t notice the people sitting there waiting at Old Town till we stood right in front of the table..i was so blurr then that I was amazed to think that g actually wanted to share a table with other people..hahah…

I truly sincerely appreciate all your efforts…to everyone that showed up…

sowann, sushan, jolyn, yeevan and of course g..

and to those who can’t make it, thanks for your kind thoughts..=)

it didn’t occur to me that this farewell was possible cause I knew many were not around…but hey this surprise did cheer me up a lot…really it meant a lot to me…it was a rainbow after a very bad storm…thanks so very much to all of you…am really grateful to have such great friends…thank God for today and may God bless all of you…

sorry that my thoughts are in a really sleepy and didn’t bother checking…just wanted to expres my gratitude to everyone for a wonderful and memorable day…by the way in case you’re wondering, the cake still looks ok when I got back…hehe..i didn’t melt…=)


  1. i'm realy glad that u liked it dear..
    as i told it didnt realy went as planned, but nevertheless it's the though that counts rite..=)

    haha..luckily the cake was stil good..=p

  2. hahah..yup...thanks for making me so happy before i leave..heheh...=)