Friday, June 8, 2012

108. i'm on cloud 9 boat..

*grinning widely*
*laughing alone*
we are finally friends after 40 seconds..

today is officially my last day in Plymouth..
it's Friday!!
why art thou here so soon??
i am actually very sad..
got to leave behind so many things..
but my day is now cheerful again!!
oh... i mean night...

again i feel your warmth..
despite the very cold and wet weather..
it's like Plymouth is crying as she bids goodbye to us..

how else can i make my last day meaningful..?
this is perhaps the best way!!
i love being silly at this very moment..
this feels so good that
i'm not sure if i can sleep tonight..

(shall we go for a date on a boat? you row and i love)
~might not make much sense though~