Friday, March 2, 2012

95. thank God...;)

Thank You that You have made everything possible..
i am nothing without Your guidance and grace..

after months of effort,
i finally saw the product..
it's not the final product yet
but at least the overall idea is there..

just handed in my first full draft..
feedback will be coming soon..
some editing here and there later on..
that should be the end of it then...

can't wait for the end of this..
to submit my dissertation and bid goodbye..

i am gonna break up with you on 23 Mac..
after 3 months of relationship..
lots of bitter sweet moments..

this coming Saturday would be a great experience for me..or so i hope..will be going to London airport to pick up some 40 people from China..and the greatest part is that i have to speak terribly broken Mandarin that has gone rusty over the years..and i would be the only one there who could understand Mandarin..oh my..oh my..i hope i would be able to understand them and more importantly for them to understand me..this opportunity does not come often and i hope i will survive the would be a good break for me after handing in my full draft..

Thank God for every little detail of my life..;)

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