Tuesday, March 13, 2012

97. are you not blessed with a healthy body?

there are so many people out there
especially those who are in hospitals
who long for a healthy and able body
so that they would be able to attend schools 
just like everyone else.....

that is just a simple wish of theirs..

but there are also many
 who wakes up everyday and decides.....
to fake an illness 
just so that they would be able to skip schools
and to sleep in...

do you not realise...
how blessed are you?
to have a healthy body..
to have a functioning brain..
to be able to move around unassisted?
to be able to run..
to be able to eat...
to be able to have fun...
to simply be blessed enough to have a school to go to...

i'm sure there are millions out there
who would be more than willing to trade places with you..
let them have a chance then...

if you are so willing to confess that you are not well
when you are as fit as a fiddle,
what's the harm of exchanging places with someone from the hospital?
let them have a chance to be in your place..
and for you to experience the pain they go through everyday because of their illness..
since you wanted to be ill so much...

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