Wednesday, September 26, 2012

119. three years was good then..

the date 26 Sept 2009
has a very significant meaning to my life..
3 years ago,
this was the day i left home 
and was on my way 
to a foreign land 
which i have grown to love so much..

3 years ago,
i was so excited and yet sad to be leaving home..
3 years has passed..
and i'm missing every moment of it..
i miss being on the plane
on a long-haul flight..

how i wish i can be on the plane now..
to take me 
away from this place..
away from all the stress..
away from all the craziness..
away from all the unhappy things..

it was so much better then..
no crazy lecturers breathing down my neck..
no possessive lecturers forcing me to do anything..
life was so peaceful there..
and relaxing..
it was much more civilised there... 
and they actually put human rights into practise..

thank God i made full use of my time there..
otherwise i would have regretted even more..
looking back now,
i could smile at the memories i have created there..
sweet and lovely time there..
one day..
i will be back again to relive my memories..

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