Tuesday, September 25, 2012

118. there!! i hope you read this!!!

it's been 2 months plus 
since i started my final year here in Kelantan..
and throughout the whole time 
all i can think of that is positive 
is that i am nearer to my family 
where i can run back to anytime..

this place itself is not that bad..
assignments though stressful is still very bearable,
food even though limited is still bearable,
curfew and stupid rules is still tolerable,
but why of all the people 
it's you making my life a hell here..

disappointment is an understatement
i've lost all respect for you in every way..
this final year should be a time of sweet memories..
but why do you make me hate you more everyday..??
you might think that we will thank you
but in actual fact you're pushing us to the edge 
and all we feel like doing now is to curse you 
and to jump off the edge just to get away from you..

why of all the days in the world 
do you have to choose that very day
that all of us are looking forward to?
why do you have to take away the only time 
we can have fun and to meet the others before they graduate??

why do you have to be such a female dog!!??
don't go behind our backs making decision for us..
we are no longer the kids we were..
and we won't thank you for that..
don't we have the rights to say no to things??
we are not your slaves for goodness sake!!

it's such an irony that you're teaching us about professionalism..
and about reflective teaching..
do you even reflect??
is this even professional??
dear God..please help this woman realise what she is doing!!

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