Monday, September 3, 2012

116. ignorance vs stupidity?

i thought you were different..
i thought you were understanding and considerate..
but oh my..
what a shock i had today..!!

you are not just ignorant but stupid to the core..
believing that only you are right 
just because you are 'educated' in that sense..
if there are more people like you around,
no doubt that another May 13 could happen..

is it right for you to criticise people's faith and belief?
telling people that their holy book is altered according to our wants..
that people's faith is not as divine as yours?

i bet if this happen to you,
when people criticise your faith in your face
there would be a havoc..!!
it could also be the news headline for tomorrow's paper..

it is just so sad to see such people..
it's the 21st century for goodness sake!!
why are you still living in the well??!!
ignorant to the core of other people around you!!

you might be more knowledgeable
but that does not mean you could criticise people 
for their own choice..
is it wrong if one choose to be a vegetarian?
it is their body and mouth..
don't they have a say on what they want to do??
do i need you to tell me that i HAVE to eat what i do not want??

though i'm angry and frustrated with you..
i chose not to say anything..
cause i chose not to stoop as low as you..
i don't want to degrade myself to your level of stupidity and ignorance..
my faith and belief is not for you to judge..
it is between my God and me..
who are you to decide that my God is not the Most High??

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