Wednesday, October 7, 2009

24. joining in and having fun

went for CU(Christian Union) yesterday and it was real fun. met a few interesting people and i hope i will be meeting more in time to come. had a great worship and i honestly felt that the worship leader was talented. he could play the guitar and sing with his amazing voice. everything was just exciting there. even the speaker was interesting and fun.hehe...

oh and today i signed up to be a member of the sport centre where i can play badminton and also use the gym. not sure how it will turn out but i'm really looking forward to sweat more.have not been sweating at all since i arrived. i guess it's a bad sign. a chance for me to flatten my tummy and tone the

hope to do some volunteering work too. will try to sign up for something this evening...shall see how it goes...


  1. has the british accent rubbed on u yet..?
    do u now sound like this - "oh bollocks, what a bloody impostor.."-

  2. oh obviously not yet...heheh..stil struggling to und wat the local students are sayin..thank God the lect here speak understandable can really stare at the local students n yet not und anythin they said...but some are ok least they dun swallow their words..