Tuesday, October 19, 2010

48. best homework ever!!

as a student in school, i remember wishing this every time i had to do my homework. i have always wished silently "if only my homework were to watch movies and drama series. and that my exams would be based on the drama series i have watched. if only this is true, then i would be the best scorer without even having to study or put in any effort". that was how much of time i spent in front of the TV that i was confident enough to admit that i could be the top scorer. what can i say..i was even nicknamed "the TV guide" in the family. i knew by heart what movie or drama at exactly what time. those were the days.....

anyway, my wish finally came true;) this year, i took Shakespeare on Film as my elective. my homework is to watch countless movies by this Great Man. yes, i had to admit that this wish was not exactly what i wanted..the movies can be super boring cause i can hardly understand the language used. and some of them are even in black and white. it can easily put one to sleep. but i have always find it a great accomplishment when i finally put the puzzles together and understand the message behind all those long and dull dialogue.

i have to admit that when this wish came true, it was nothing like what i had always dreamt of. it still felt like homework. and i had to force myself to do it. i had to stay focus and to analyse everything they do or say in the movies. it was nothing like watching a movie in our leisure time and just enjoying it..but what else can i ask for..i still enjoy it no matter how much i complained that it is dull and boring ;)

these are the movies i have to watch for this subject..mind you, it's not just four movies..it's more than that. each title has at least 2 movies to be watched. from different directors..so imagine watching the same storyline a few times again and again in less than a week..so there you go...serve me right for wishing so hard..;P


  1. ehh at least the last 2 looks interesting.i like romeo+juliet. would like to watch a midsummer night's dream also.haha i also wished i have homework liddat you know.i sorta had one homework like tht in college. but just one movie, over and over so i can write on it.

  2. hahah..yea..the last 2 dun seemed as bad la..but henry v was really boring at first cos it was bout history n all..but wen i eventually und the story it was not tht bad oso la..hee..fair enuf..but yea the repeating part can really make u lose interest..hehe.watching it so many times..til can really memorise the thngs they say..;)