Saturday, April 23, 2016

149. this is my promise

dear you,
just want to let you know that
i'll always be your supporter in the things you do..
i'll always be your number one fan..
i'll always be your listener..
i'll always be a comforter for you though i might need it more..
i'll always be there to encourage..
i'll always be there to share your burden..
i'll always be there to share your joy and excitement..
i'll always be there for you.

dear you,
the 10 reasons i gave you
 was only the tip of the iceberg..
there's many many more reasons to that question
and i'll need a lifetime to tell you all..

dear you,
thank you for being the one i've always desired..
you and i are not perfect
and let's face it,
we will never be..
but together we will learn to accept and to give in..
to communicate and to trust..
to love and to forgive..
everything is made possible 
when He is the centre of this..

this is my promise to you..

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