Monday, June 22, 2015

145. dreams

for the past few weeks, i have been having really randoms dreams..

sometimes i wake up with a smile..
sometimes i wake up trying to stop myself from laughing out loud..
sometimes i wake up wishing that i could find out the ending of my dream..
sometimes i wake up scared cause an accident just happened..
sometimes i wake up knowing that i could only wish..

last night, i dreamt of you..
we met at a place while having a drink..
i was about to say hi and introduced you to my friend..

but then my body suddenly decided it was too cold and i had to wake up..
i forgot my blanket..
of all time i had to feel cold...
why do you do this to me, body??

and so i'll never get to find out what happened next..

back to reality....

shall we go out for a drink some time when i'm back?

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