Monday, July 30, 2012

112. we are not racist!!

just out of curiosity.. and this thought has been bugging me for a while now.. why is it that when a big group of Chinese or Indians walking together or talking among themselves deemed racist? why are they seen as people who only hang out with their own race? but on the other hand, it is deemed normal or common when Malays sit in a big group talking among themselves? Chinese and Indians are expected to sit or talk with people of another race to show that they are not racist. But it is perfectly acceptable when Malays sit and talk among themselves.

No doubt that the Malays are the majority and they are not as many Nons to sit with in the class. But this scenario still happens when they are the minority in the classroom. Wouldn't it be unfair then to say that the Nons are racist just because we sit with people of the same race? Have you even reflected that on yourself? Why do you expect us to mix around when you are obviously not doing the same?

I don't even understand why anyone would want to raise this issue. Aren't we all Malaysians? Why do we even have to fill in what race we are in forms or anything like that? We are all Malaysian. There is only one race in Malaysia. So much for the One Malaysia Policy!! It is such a failure!!

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