Wednesday, January 6, 2010

36. snowy day

farah woke me up early in the morning today and we ran out to play..
we built a snowman that is around my height and named him Johnie Bob..hahah..

me, johnie bob n farah

i was supposed to have class at 9.30 but i played till 9.25 and was about to run to class when i saw the rest walking back..what else--went back threw my bag at the corner and continued playing..running around attacking each other with snow was cold and tiring to run around in the thick snow and zero temperature..but we still had plenty of fun doing that..guess playing with snow is something i will not get bored with---at least for still very excited and literally jump with joy whenever i see it snow=)my prayers were answered i guess..hehe..

but despite playing around happily i can't help but wish that my family and friends back home were here with me enjoying it..sharing this happy moment with me...wish we could all play together and have photos taken as our memory............

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