Friday, June 12, 2009

1. the beginning of the journey

I am finally fulfilling my promise to many that I will start here I am writing my first post about the start of my new journey..

I finally got the news that i have been waiting for..the news that i have passed my exam. No doubt that it is a simple exam for others but it sure does not seemed easy when I am the one sitting for it and waiting for the results. There is no formal black and white of my results yet but it is confirm. I guess that is what matters most. A sign of relief and joy fell upon me immediately and not forgetting how thankful I was then. Phewww...

A salute also to the ever hardworking and faithful lecturers who have been helping me all the time. I know that they had played a major role in ensuring that all of us pass our exam during the moderation..wonder what they had gone through the whole day there..hee..n thanks to them also I got to know my results so soon when many of my friends from other ipgm are still wondering and worrying about their results..they have always been so concern about us and I am so thankful that they inform us about the results immediately rather than putting us through more torture...hehe

So for now I have so much to prepare for my journey abroad and I am enjoying every single moment I have with my loved ones...God bless

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